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In 1993, with the formation of the country’s first colored newspaper , Hamshahri newspaper began its activity in Karaj and after one year from the start of activity, according to region requirements, special and old Karaj road, to the press service, we continued the representation of the Hamshahri newspaper at 14km of Karaj special road and the affairs of advertisements, news and distribution of the newsletter were focused.

After several years, with the increasing demand and expectations of the owners of industries and businesses , we decided to expand our services in cooperation with other newspapers such as Iran and Jamejam . the result of this generalization was the creation of the representation of Hamshahri newspaper , the headquarters of Iran and Donyaye Eghtesad- brokerage of Jamejam and etelaat advertisements, and cooperation in the section of the advertisements of the provincal press and the entire written media of the country.

This set is designed to provide professional media services and the needs of its loyal customers. The brand has created advertising network for targeting services, we are now proud that we are ready to offer advertisement services to your loved ones in the form of advertising network.

Advertising network with about 20 years of activity in the field of written media , responsibility for commissioning and consulting of the organization , advertisements of a number of widely advertised newspapers, weekly newspapers and specialized journals, and with the presence of active agencies in the country’s provinces , it has also produced specialized promotional and national letters , and is the first center for linking advertisers with the provincial press and the initiator  of the advertising network od provincial ads and cities of the country.

This media institution was the first recipient of ISO 9001 quality management system badge in 2009 and has been reviewed and approved by 2012. The set of these capabilities , updated with professional studies will be provided to our customers , such as governmental, private and industrial organizations- commercial companies-  manufacturing companies and business enterprises and service companies. This network has worked together with leading brands such as automakers, machine manufacturers, after-sales vehicles service, home appliance manufacturers, food and grocery stores, bank and insurance companies, which have been part of the honors in the brochure , and their badges are also available on the ad network. Taking into account the services provided by our customers, we believe that the admission and printing of advertisements in this set are out of the traditional format and are not exclusive to the specifics of advertisements and not a few newspapers or magazines , but customers can post any ad with any subject, such as : advertisements commerce and information , buying, selling, hiring auction, tender and  hundreds of things. In the newspaper you are looking for seeing your published ad. In this set , with the help of professional and software facilities, office automation and graphic studios, all pre-printed activities, such as designing and publishing advertisements and printing by experienced and professional experts are supervised and carried out. Also, the specific information of various publications of the country, including public and specialized journals published in Tehran and other cities, as well as their tariffs, are compiled by this repertory summarized in the country’s adverts and advertisement network website is visible at .

You need to have enough information about publications to compare and determine the publication you want and to print your advertisement.

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